Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicle are classed as vehicles where their owner has given up their rights to them, they generally have no tax, MOT, and are in poor condition i.e. windows broken, seats removed, flat tyres and other items that may have any value will have been taken.
Any abandoned vehicle can be removed from private property providing a notice is placed on the vehicle stating to the owner that it must be removed within a given stated time period.  If the owners don’t come forward then you may call a recovery vehicle to remove and disposed of it in accordance with the new EU directives. The recovery company may charge you a fee for providing this service or they may chose to undertake the task without charge. The price of scrap metal can cover the costs depending on the demand for scrap metal at the time. The recovery company may contact the DVLA to request the name and address of the vehicle keeper in order to notify them in writing.
The recovery company will take the vehicle to a local scrap yard that will weigh it and pay the driver its scrap metal value. Once the vehicle is handed over it will go through a decontamination process which involves the oil, brake fluid, fuel been drained into a tank. The materials and tyres are then removed and recycled,  the rest is placed into a hydraulic crusher and reduced to the size of approx 1 cubic meter this is sold on to other metal merchants or exported to places like china where it will be melted down to  make other products. The owner of the scrap yard may be required to inform the DVLA once he has disposed of it.
Local authorities have a set procedure for dealing with abandoned vehicle, as this issue falls into the area of health and safety, there are also issues about the environment so the council have an obligation to act fast. For further details click here.