Persistent Parking Problems

How to deal with persistent parking problems after all other efforts have failed.
The vast majority of the general motoring public abide with parking regulations when entering on to private property. Clear warning signs have to be displayed. The application of a parking charge notice deters most offenders however there are always a small minority that won’t take any notice of any parking regulations. Wheel clamping and towing used to be the prefer choice to deal with such parking problems,  however the government has announces the practice will soon be a criminal offence under the freedom bill which is going through parliament. Wheel clamping and towing will only be legal if lawful authority has been obtained this must be through the law courts where a judge will decide on the penalty and the course of action that will prevent the problem from re occurring.

How we can help
If you have a persistent offender the easiest method of taking action is to apply for a court order (injunction) the court will have required you to take all reasonable steps to warn the motorist.
We are able to do this for you and serve the papers on the registered owner.
We require the following:

  1. Create an account on Flashpark and display an approved warning notice
  2.  Copy of your title
  3. Pics of the vehicle parked in its offending position
  4. Copy of any letters attached to vehicle or sent to the drivers address

If you can provide the following we will serve a notice to the register owner and the matter can be dealt with by your local county court.  We will send a draft copy for your approval.
What happens at a hearing?

  1. The judge may make an order for the offender to refrain from parking on your property
  2.  He or She may ask for further evidence ( unlikely as at this stage he will have most )
  3. Awards you damages and your costs (damages will have to be proven )
  4. Order a bailiff to seize vehicle Clamp or tow away if the offender re offends
  5. Other

We provide the above service for£195  plus VAT if you would like to proceed please completes contact 0800 096 57 57.