Blocked driveway parking problems

Your neighbors block your driveway or use your parking space/s though you asked them to stop? Not sure what to do? Read this…

  1. RIGHT OF WAY: You do have a right of access to your drive, if there is a shared drive, then each person has a right of access and neither should block the drive.
  2. TRESPASS: If your neighbors park on your property without your permission this is a trespass, which is a civil wrong actionable in court. Your neighbors have no right to park on your land unless you gave them permission, in writing, to do so.

So, if someone is blocking your driveway or using your parking space/s without your authority – We can help:

We can first contact the neighbor, by a letter, asking him to stop blocking your drive way;

Look at the title deeds of the land;

Look at the lease;

Involve the local authority, the police or the department of environment if necessary;

Obtain an injunction stopping the other person from trespassing on your land;

Claim damages on your behalf if you suffered loss;