Car parking problems in Windsor

The subject of car park problems in Windsor is a developing question. My account includes Old Windsor which is situated about two miles south of Windsor (once called New Windsor).

There are two sides to Windsor:

  • touristy Windsor
  • The Windsor that is home or work premises for persons for whom the United Kingdom is home

First, let us take the touristy Windsor. When holiday-makers, especially the ones from North America, go on ‘recommended’ tours of England it turns out that Windsor is one of the favourite spots on the itinerary.

The reasons are fairly plain, even to superficial tourists who merely want to be able to say: ‘We did Windsor’ back in the home country after the return back. The two biggest attractions are Windsor Castle and the attached St George’s Chapel where the present Queen’s father George VI is interred next to her mother.

Many or most of these tour makers turn up by train and by coach. The tour guide, if they have one, has a standard ‘spiel’ which is more or less a potted history of the castle and the town and a walk around some of the points of interest in the Castle and the Chapel Typically, there is a tea/coffee rest period as a group prior to the return to, usually, London, else the next ‘spot’ on the tour list.

Some tourists turn up by hired car. These are the ones who are likely to play fast and loose with visible parking spaces. Car park management in Windsor is therefore, because of them, requisite.

The other category is the motorist who has a home or else a place of business in Windsor. This person does not need or want a tourist guide. What he or she wants is a free and safe parking place on which to put the car while at work, or while at home.

For a variety of reasons Windsor is a highly affluent place. The residents are, many of them, upper executive band business people and equivalent professionals with conservative approaches to life and, in accordance with their tremendous purchasing power, Windsor prices are high – very high. This includes parking charges.

Owing to the natural human tendency to make use of vulnerable people who cannot protect their own (parking spaces in this case) they can and will park without permission on somebody else’s property. Elderly people are prime targets in this, as they are with unscrupulous trades-people.

With adequate car park management this problem is solvable and within the law too. Modern methods that involve the use of the Internet prevent scary confrontations.

Therefore, we say: ‘Consider car park management in Windsor.’