Car Wheel Clamping in Cambridge

Truly, some places are more fortunate than others and the City of Cambridge is more fortunate than most in the United Kingdom. Some might enquire why such a fortunate locality requires anything like car wheel clamping in Cambridge.
Alas, that is the case. This city so full of people more highly educated than most others, so much richer than most others and more privileged than most others has its full quota of persons anxious to avoid city parking charges by doing their parking on the properties of third parties who appear not to be able to do anything about it.

Returning to the subject of our car wheel clamping in Cambridge enquiry, we find that the whole environment is chock full of industries and well-paid boffins and executive types almost all sprung from the hothouse source of the university itself.

No wonder some wits call Cambridge ‘Silicon Fen,’ perhaps an echo of Silicon Valley far far to the West, beyond the great ocean. Companies that have contributed to this label include:

  • Abcam
  • CSR
  • ARM Limited
  • CamSemi
  • Jagex
  • Sinclair
  • Microsoft

There are many others less famous but just as important, such as Pye.
On the transportation side, we find that Cambridge is one of the United Kingdom’s Cycling Cities as of 2008.
The city is well served by trains connecting to and from all over the island including and especially London, plus access to Stansted Airport.
Because of the many comings and goings of assorted high powered technocrats attending seminars and meetings for short-stay durations in their commensurately powerful motor cars, their also commensurately high powered minds will look for safe and convenient spots on which to park their status symbols, their motor cars, and preferably on private persons’ private property – if the aforesaid private persons can do nothing about it.
This is where deterrence comes in. Whether or not the nuclear deterrent works in practice, we find that practice shows that the mere existence of prominent notices forbidding unauthorized parking works wonders.
Should the motorist decide that he is going to field test the resolve the property owner the arrival of a charge notice on the mat under the post flap on the front door answers the question.
Therefore, we say that car wheel clamping in Cambridge is recommended because high education, high earnings and great privileges do not make people nicer. Not at all, we fear.

Therefore, consider car wheel clamping in Cambridge, all you who own property in that lovely city.