Car Wheel Clamping in Coventry

Coventry is the ninth largest city in Britain and, of all the major conurbations, is the farthest from the coast. It is one of the locations where car wheel clamping is most in demand.
This bustling city, on the sites of ancient settlements that antedated the Roman occupation, is the only really big urban centre in the Central Midlands. Consequently, many motorists and others visit Coventry for all manner of shopping for goods and services.
Rugby, for example, is about 11 miles away and many Rugbeians travel to Coventry by car for reasons varying from going to the cinema or theatre to seeking specialist medical attention.

Most usually, they travel by motor car on the excellent dual carriageways that link Coventry to many nearby towns and villages.
The City of Coventry once boasted some of the United Kingdom’s largest motor firms with Jaguar at the top of the roll. Sadly, under the ownership of Tata based in Mumbai Coventry has declined in terms of its involvement in the motor trade with Jaguar and other companies such as Rover. Once, some of these firms had been bicycle manufacturers.
Nevertheless, Coventry has attracted a great many modern high technology industries that build on the existing industrial infrastructure of the gradually departing  motor giants.
What with the ‘shopping Mecca’ characteristic of the city and the mobility and high car ownership of its rapidly changing population with fairly newly arrived ethnic minorities the requirement for parking controls is probably higher here than it has ever been before.
Many of the day-trip shoppers from places situated nearby such as Dunchurch will understandably want to avoid local authority parking charges on council car parks and the temptation to use quiet private property belonging to third parties is there.
This makes Coventry a premier place for car wheel clamping; deterrence, within the law and judged as reasonable by the law, works.

The property owner in the City of Coventry has good reason to value the good services of car wheel clamping operatives and, after the expected change in the law to accommodate changed public perception of the clamp, companies such as Flashpark that use the Internet to deter unpermitted parking legally and with the assistance of the DVLA.