Car Wheel Clamping in Essex

Situated to the north-east of the giant metropolis of London it will surprise few who know the Home Counties that there is a continuing demand for car wheel clamping in Essex.
This ancient region that once was the home of the East Saxons (literally ‘East Sex’ which in this context marks the boundary rock of the East Saxons) is largely farmland, especially to the north and west.
Towards the south of the region, however, there are the large towns. These include: Basildon, Southend and Thurrock. Harlow, along with Basildon, is a new town and both of them were selected to rehouse people rendered homeless by WWII bombing of London.

Because of many people from farther afield visiting the towns for shopping for goods and services, many of them farming families who travel by car rather than public transportation there is a continuing and rising demand for car wheel clamping in Essex, and anybody else who deals with unauthorised parking.
Essex, as a region, suffers greatly from the economic downturn, especially certain localities such as Clacton-on-Sea. The demand for cheap and free parking including parking without the landowner’s consent is there and it is real.
What with the depressed local economy and what with the coming and going by car to and from Southend and Stansted Airports (the former will provide air transport during the summer months to the Channel Islands) the demand for parking is there and also growing.
Therefore, at this time, car wheel clamping in Essex is in demand.
Even after a Bill of Parliament now passing through the Houses becomes a law that will outlaw the clamp, property owners in Essex should contact Flashpark and similar companies that give legal, non-confrontational and easy parking deterrence for little to no cost to the customer.