Car Wheel Clamping in Nottingham

Anybody with more than a smattering of knowledge of the City of Nottingham, personal or hearsay, can understand why car wheel clamping in Nottingham is on the agenda for many of the people who own property in Nottingham.
Nottingham is in many ways the premier urban concentration in the important East Midlands region and has a population that exceeds a quarter of a million.
Some persons reading these words might be interested to know that some time ago Nottingham was found to have the highest female to male gender ratio in the country. Why there is a relative predominance of women is not established.
That said, Nottingham is by no means a fortunate city and has a high level of urban deprivation that its hero Robin Hood might have taken an interest in as he was concerned with alleviating the poor, albeit by robbing the rich.

The top industries:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Bicycle-manufacturing

Have both seen a terrible decline as of late. Boots the Chemist has been and still is there but has retrenched its operations. Raleigh Cycles whose name has been familiar to generations of school children along with Sturmey-Archer the bicycle gear system maker have all but disappeared; the manufacturing capacity of the Far East and elsewhere have had a terrible effect on Nottingham.
Nevertheless, there are two universities and a variety of cultural venues. At one time and until recently Nottingham boasted the world’s smallest cinema with only 21 seats.
Owing to the urban deprivation and the unemployment and high crime rates, penny pinching is a part of daily life in this unhappy city.
Therefore, companies that operate car wheel clamping in Nottingham have a ready customer-base because people do want to save on municipal parking charges by using third party private property without permission.
Alternatively, the Internet method of deterring unpermitted parking innovated by companies such as Flashpark provides a non-confrontational and non-physical way of dissuading the unauthorised parker.
Negative conditioning does work and it works in Nottingham.