Car Wheel Clamping in Portsmouth

Persons wondering about car wheel clamping in Portsmouth do well to consider this city’s extensive naval involvement and the unusual fact that Portsmouth is the only city in the United Kingdom that is situated on an island – Portsea Island.
The island is separated from the mainland by narrow creeks. Probably, nobody ever got seasick by crossing from the mainland to Portsmouth in its history, or vice-versa.
Car wheel clamping in Portsmouth is required because of the large number of people on Royal Navy business coming and going. There is an extensive network of roads linking this island-city to mainland United Kingdom.
Many of these people plus the others from the surrounding countryside on shopping expeditions are naturally anxious to avoid expensive city council car parking charges and they will want to park on private property if that turns out to be safe and free.

The householder and the management of a block of flats who causes one or more well placed ‘No Parking’ notices to be prominently displayed sees that unauthorised parking on his property mostly vanishes almost by enchantment, especially if  the charge is advertised and is large enough to act as a real deterrent.
Add to that the inconvenience of being parted from the services of one’s car until one pays makes non-authorised parking a big no-no.
Many of the people driving about in Portsmouth are long-distance motorists and getting clamped in the middle of one’s business in the city is a really big problem, to be avoided if at all possible.
Car wheel clamping in Portsmouth works as it works elsewhere in the country. Even if naval salaries can take the charges, naval time is valuable and being deprived of the motor car is troublesome. The Royal Navy will take a dim view of one of its staff, suppliers or even customers getting into motoring difficulties with unauthorised parking. It sounds bad in an interview, for example.
Additionally, the method the innovative company Flashpark originated of using the Internet to charge the registered owners of unpermitted cars and other vehicles makes for a non-physical and non-confrontational approach to parking deterrence.

Therefore, we say consider car wheel clamping in Portsmouth.