Car Wheel Clamping in Reading

Persons wondering about car wheel clamping in Reading might think at first that since the town is close to West London it follows that there is little to no need for the car wheel clamping profession.
The fact on the ground is that Reading is so much more than a mere ‘dormitory town’ to London. It is a civic centre of commerce and industry in its own right.
A brief glance at the names of just some of the large companies that have chosen to headquarter in Reading shows that at any given time, bar possibly Sundays, there are a large number of car drivers looking for good safe parking. Naturally, they will grasp the opportunity of parking in such a way that local authority and business car parks do not get to charge them for parking.
This translates that the car driver who turns up for work every day in his vehicle and the visitor to any of these companies  for the day will park where there is little to no cost and no comebacks.

Major companies include:  The BG Group, ING Direct, Microsoft, Oracle and the Yell Group, all having their headquarters in Reading. The insurance company Prudential has an administrative centre in the town. PepsiCo and Wrigley have similar bureaus there. International Computers Limited, Digital and other technology companies are there. Other technology companies with presences there include: Agilent Technologies, Cisco, Ericsson, Nvidia, Regus, SGI, Symantec, Verizon Business, and Websense. These companies are in and around Reading or just outside the borough boundaries, some in business parks including: Thames Valley Park, Green Park Business Park and Arlington Business Park.
We at Flashpark have the answer to the unauthorised parking problem that result from all those employees and corporate visitors wanting to park somewhere cheap and safe.
For these reasons we say that car wheel clamping is and should be in demand in Reading, and thereabouts.
Even after car wheel clamping is made outside the law by a presently proceeding Bill of  Parliament and soon-to-be Act of Parliament the property owner in Reading is advised to contact companies such as Flashpark that provide legal, non-confrontational and, largely without charge, parking control solutions.