College and university parking problems

The fact is that even in colleges and universities that typically specialise in teaching large numbers of post-adolescent young adults parking is a big issue. College and university parking problems exist.

In other words, college and university parking problems are real and demand resolution. In addition to the crowds of undergraduates most of whom are a few years younger or older than 20 years there are all the postgraduates and teaching and research staff, most of whom have motor vehicles and parking concerns to match.

Also typically, colleges and universities are sited in and near large towns and cities where parking charges are steep owing to the demand-supply intersection point being at a certain level.

A perusal of the online information provided by a variety of institutions providing tertiary education shows that the administrations are involved in managing parking issues.

Because of the limited spaces available the usual solution is to make persons wanting to park on the premises buy permits that are valid for stipulated periods of time, often from the start of the institution’s year (usually September or October) and ending the same time the next year.

The student and the staff member who pays for parking has to display his/her permit to prevent the staff on duty in this regard taking punitive action.

Leeds Trinity University College states part of its parking policy thus: ‘Charges:

The annual charges for car parking are displayed on the application form.

Car parking permits are valid for one year from 26th September. There are several methods of payment and details are provided on the application form.

For AY 11/12 there are discounts available for cars with lower CO2 emissions. See the application form for details.

‘Please note that permits do not guarantee a parking space on campus unless a space has been specifically reserved. Permit holders agree to abide by the terms and conditions as detailed in the College Car Parking Policy. Copies are available from Reception.

‘Permit holders are responsible for clearly displaying their permits on the vehicle windscreen. Failure to do so will result in the issue of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).’

Parking charges in academic establishments tend to be reasonable but it is the case that people will skimp – if they can.

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