Illegal parking in London, Birmingham and Leeds

Illegal parking in London, Birmingham and Leeds is a big subject and to do it justice requires a long description along with suggested answers. This is only a short super-précis of what should do it justice.

We at Flashpark have just the ticket for illegal parking in London, Birmingham and Leeds, but more of that later.

The giant metropolis of London is a place where millions live and work; in addition, it has a large ‘senior citizen’ population and especially in some of the suburbs.

The name ‘London’ is shrouded in mystery and there are many rival hypotheses. One is that is means ‘ford pool’ after the Pool of |London; another is that it is something to do with the mythical King Lud who seems to have been, in legend if not in fact, some kind of pre-Roman occupation magnate among the Ancient Britons who had racial connections to present day Belgium.

Which is a long way away from the subject of illegal parking in London, Birmingham and Leeds.

The cost of on-street parking in London and especially in Central London is steep. Many cannot easily spare the money. The huge commercial car park companies such as NCP charge an arm and a leg but for the money the motorist gets a certain amount of peace of mind.

With recessionary winds blowing and rumours and more than rumours that the United Kingdom is the target of organised trade boycotts around the world there are a great many motorists who have to have the use of their cars and other motor vehicles who look for free parking, with or without permission.

The solution for the problem is contained in Flashpark’s simple and unique package that it retails to interested parties; Results show that the majority of people who get in stay in and it is the minority who swop Flashpark for something else.

OK, so London has a massive public transport system. True. Nevertheless, Londoners and visitors to London do use the petrol and diesel motor vehicles to move around in and to and from London.

The still gargantuan business and residential character of this ogre among cities entails large numbers of persons wanting to park free with or without permission and we have the answer for property owners looking for respect for their ownership rights.

Londoners do not like to be driven over just as people the world over do not want to be walked over.

Birmingham is in some measure a West Midlands answer to London the King of the South. Word has it that the word ‘Birmingham’ is somehow or other derived from the Brythians, an ancient people from long before Julius Caesar turned up and said: ‘Veni, vidi, vici.’ (‘I came, I saw, I conquered.’).

Whatever the dim and distant past the vibrant present is the Birmingham is both a business and residential ‘capital’ for thereabouts. The cold wind of the international recession plus Britain’s unpopularity in certain difficult quarters results in trade challenges that affect Birmingham closely.

The public transport system of local trains and buses in Birmingham is not a complete answer to the question of moving about to and from and within Birmingham. The corporate and private motor car and the lorry and the truck are used and heavily.

The City Fathers in Birmingham can and do charge heavily for on-street parking. The multi-storey car park entrepreneurs are really expensive. They are outside the range of many non-executive level motorists thereabouts.

People do want to park free – if it is safe.

Flashpark has the answer for worried private property owners and business property owners too and Flashpark operates in Birmingham.

Leeds, the ‘London of the North’ is a slightly different kettle of fish. Like Birmingham and London parking is at a premium but the slightly different Northern ‘live and let live’ or ‘park and let park’ stops some of the acute demand for control of illegal parking.

Nevertheless, even here there have to be real restrictions and a deterrent is wanted.

Illegal parking in London, Birmingham and Leeds are all subject to and answered by Flashpark’s unique and innovative tried and tested way of dealing with the problem.

If you are disturbed by illegal parking in London, Birmingham and Leeds contact Flashpark.

You will find that all you have to have is:

  • One digital camera
  • Access to the Internet

To address the problem of illegal parking and at low cost (you even get a small return on paid charges) gives us at Flashpark a ring and we will get it sorted. Fast.