Line marking paint suppliers

Line marking paint suppliers operate in a competitive industry in which high demand backed by hard cash meets a mass of eager would be suppliers of road and pavement paint.

Paint as such for road line marking is a minor branch of the line marking industry that in the UK alone commands an impressive turnover.

Line marking paint suppliers occupy a niche market insofar that most road line marking gets thermoplastic treatment or else one or other of the newer compounds reaching the markets for road surface utilisation.

Line marking paint suppliers might well find themselves catering to private property owners and small-end corporate buyers who require line marking of company car parks etc.

The total range of paint in human culture is enormous and impressive with a long history that predates Ancient Egyptian civilisation.

Line marking for indoors use is a specialised subject with which we are not here concerned.

With regard to road and pavement line marking the road line marking suppliers community find that the leading edge compound is at this time is nano lithium. This has a number of virtues not least of which is low odour of ammonia. When dried it has a semi-gloss finish, ‘cures’ fast, is low maintenance and is resistant to a good deal of wear and tear and the depredations of British weather.

One such brand product for public outdoors use is named Liquid Superior Mark.

The ecological specialists say nano lithium derivatives are eco-friendly and the industry praises how fast it dries. Another point in its favour is flame-resistance.

In the UK and abroad road line marking suppliers give their customers format choices that include: Solid, liquid and gas. It is possible to use it in aerosol form.

Owing to modern paints being able to penetrate deeply into the tar and/or concrete of open-air surfaces such as roadways I submit they provide now a formidable rival to thermoplastics and acrylics as well as newer arrivals in the non-paint category.

From the point to view of a small property owner the sheer convenience of dispensing with advanced application equipment and doing the job of line marking, say, a private driveway with a tin of paint (usually five gallons a tin from the local hardware shop or from the Web) is incontestable.

Road line marking suppliers have a good secure position to jockey for custom in our increasingly regulated and circumscribed conditions of life.