Parking problems

Anyone reading local and even national newspapers in the United Kingdom regularly reads about residential parking problems and about the many quarrels between neighbours, some of which receive court attention and others of which reach the pages of the local press.

Some of the prime causes of these disputes are parking issues, most usually because of neighbour A parking part or all of his/her family chariot on neighbour B’s property, B being his next-door neighbour.

It is also the case that complete third parties can and do make free with people’s residential parking spaces.

These two causations provide the essence of residential parking problems in this country.

Trawling through the Internet this writer found stories of parents parking on private parking spaces while dropping off their young children at local schools.

In law this constitutes a trespass. The law of trespass is large and well developed in England and Wales and forms a great deal of the law of tort.

The well known notice proclaiming: ‘Trespasses will be prosecuted’ is largely a paper tiger unless the aggrieved party can show actual damage resulting from the trespass.

However, in the event that a property owner anticipating future infringements on his grounds displays a clearly visible and worded notice stating that the property is private and there is a specific charge for parking, then in law, this constitutes a contract. The parking space then becomes virtually an invitation to treat as preliminary to a future contract and the actual parking of a vehicle there constitutes acceptance of the offer with the advertised charge as the valuable consideration.

We think that Flashpark has the world’s best and most diplomatic solution for residential parking problems as well as so many other categories of parking issues.

All the residential property owner has to do is register as a customer and fix one or more Flashpark notices prominently to a wall or walls and take informative and identifying photographs of the vehicle in its offending position. Email the same to Flashpark and that is everything he/she has to do. Flashpark does everything after that.

Residential parking problems are a big problem and this is a sensible answer; it makes the small outlay money well spent.