Parking problems in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds

Parking problems in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds are all due in large measure to the enormous size and property importance of these places.

The causation of parking problems in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds are in some ways so apparent that one wonders why it is necessary to go into detail but this must be done for the answers to appear.

Taking Birmingham first, this is the second city in the United Kingdom and the ‘capital’ of the important West Midlands region.

Focusing on the parking aspects of this huge city, one finds that the rate at which business turns over and the natural magnet this conurbation is for people as ‘far’ away as Stoke-on-Trent one can see why parking spaces are at such a premium.

Served by the M6 motorway people travel to and from Birmingham to work, for speciality shopping and for entertainment.

The city fathers, wise beings that they are, are fully aware of the high demand for parking coupled to the limited supply and consequently slap on high on-street parking charges with time limits.

The professional car park companies are expensive. Such firms as NCP that run the multi-storey buildings have big outlays from which they have to recoup adequate returns, and the motorist pays.

The temptation for so many visitors from in and around Birmingham is to simply park on some private person’s or small private company’s grounds and hope for the best.

However, not everybody allows third parties who they do not know parking their vehicles on their precious driveways and personal parking spaces.

We at Flashpark have the answer.

Manchester is a ‘capital’ too but this city is the top-slot in the North. Legend says that the word ‘Manchester’ is derived from the word ‘breast’ in relation to the River Medlock.

Be that as it may, Manchester, like Birmingham, has a long and proud history of leadership in the Industrial Revolution. The giant textile enterprises further north looked to Mancunians for capital, expertise and connections. They were only the tip of the industrial iceberg that was Manchester.

Parking spaces in Manchester for locals and short-term visitors from outside are at a premium. Persons reluctant to pay the heavy on-street parking charges and ditto the commercial car park businesses look to parking on private property – if it is safe.

For the owner of private property who is commensurately reluctant to be exploited by strangers in this way we at Flashpark have the answer.

Leeds has to be taken in conjunction with its western neighbour Bradford. There is a close connection and they share the Leeds Bradford Airport.

Once heavily forested (the name ‘Leeds’ is derived from ‘Loidis’ which was the name of an ancient forest) Leeds is definitely the top-slot in West Yorkshire. It used to have a textile manufacturing background but fierce competition from other placers abroad and in particular the Far East put paid to that.

At present Leeds is some kind of telephone banking centre for the UK and abroad.

The employment and the business generated by the farming and industrial work carrying on in the North results in a great deal of motor traffic to and from Leeds via the many major ‘A’ roads that connect Leeds to the outside world.

Many of these business and private persons are reluctant to pay on-street and commercial car park charges and therefore park without permission on private grounds.

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Coming round to the theme of our communication, parking problems in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds are brilliantly answered by Flashpark’s method that utilises the massive resources of the Internet.

Calling all those with parking problems in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds: Be encouraged and never despair. All you have to have is access to one digital camera and access to the World Wide Web.

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