Wheel Clamping in Bournemouth

Wheel clamping in Bournemouth has been in the media’s spotlight in recent years due to one motorist challenging her clamping ordeal through the courts and as is the case only rarely… winning!

The lady from Dorset had claimed that although signs had been displayed in the car park, they were not near the entrance or on the railings where the motorists had parked and so she was unaware that parking was forbidden.

Like I said, she won the case, but wheel clamping in Bournemouth is still a lucrative business as the busy South Coast villages and seaside locations see thousands upon thousands of visitors each year – all looking for parking spaces and many taking a chance and hoping not to be caught out as she has been.

As a result of this and other similar cases, many are questioning the legitimacy of wheel clamping in Bournemouth and its surrounds and in extreme cases hailing it “legalised mugging.” What is certain is that correct guidelines must be followed by the wheel clamping companies, ensuring that motorists are not penalised without intentionally parking illegally. Proper signage is paramount on privately owned land, as this case proved.

Whilst not nearing the prime location for parking enforcement, wheel clamping in Bournemouth and companies starting up in this industry in the area has hugely increased over the last decade. Better motorway networks make it easier to visit the South Coast and so parking is a problem for many. Also the residential appeal of Bournemouth is making it an ever increasing traffic heavy location. Not to mention start up enterprises at an all time high in the area and around.

And so for every motorist who thinks wheel clamping is criminal, there are a handful of landowners vehemently hoping to protect their property and considering wheel claming in Bournemouth to be a necessity for them, their staff, their customers or their family.