Wheel Clamping in Leeds

The threat of wheel clamping in Leeds appears to teaching its lesson to local people, after the local authority for the northern city recently found they had wildly over valued the money that their parking contravention notices would bring in.

While the people of Leeds are increasingly becoming some of the most law-abiding parkers in the country, the need for parking enforcement and wheel clamping in Leeds remains, as a means of keeping the city’s streets free-flowing for both locals and visitors.

The city, which is historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, is one of the largest urban areas in the UK outside of London. Its core economic area has a population of some 2.9 million people, giving it the staff and resources that make it the largest centre for business, legal and financial services in the UK after London.

While the city’s public transport system is as efficient and advanced as can be expected of a city of its stature, the public parking facilities with the city centre accommodate the thousands of commuters who descend on the city in their cars every day. Numerous parking options are on offer in the city centre – including multi-storey car parks, meter car parks and on-street parking – while park-and-ride systems operate from convenient locations around the area.

The comparative wealth that the service jobs available in Leeds brings to its population, means that there are a lot of people in the city who can afford the luxury of commuting in to work in their own car. Statistics from 2010, show that Leeds was one of only two cities in the UK – the other being Bristol – where the employment rate was above the UK average.

Our clamping units in Leeds provide parking enforcement solutions for business, restaurant, bar and shop owners keen to protect customer spaces from illegal parkers. Our units are fitted with a Home Office-approved CCTV system, while our clamping operatives hold valid Vehicle Immobiliser SIA licences. The units – which always take a digital photograph of all clamped vehicles to help prevent disputes – can either make regular patrols of your site or operate on a call-out only basis.