Wheel Clamping in Leicester

One might think that wheel clamping in Leicester is not exactly a high priority issue in a city that is ancient and, in many ways, situated in the cultural heart of England.  The locals should be expected to know the difference between what is permissible and what is not, one might think.
We say that wheel clamping in Leicester has a place in the armoury of the property owner who does not relish unauthorised parking on his grounds.
Why? The 19th century Leicester highlighted by factories and workshops outputting all manner of articles for home, Empire and foreign consumption is no more. The management and workers then knew what could and could not be done with impunity.
The grievous fall of manufacturing industry throughout the United Kingdom has impacted the City of Leicester more than most other places; in this unfortunate aspect it shares with certain localities in The North and the West Midlands a depressed local economy, alleviated in Leicester’s case by the arrival of service industries.

Wheel clamping in Leicester is important precisely because the influx of newcomers results in a fluid local culture with people possessed of no longstanding links to the city ‘pushing to the limits’ to see what they can do with impunity.
In an ideal world, and in an ideal Leicester, wheel clamping in Leicester would be a redundant recourse. Alas, people are not, most of them, saints and enterprising motorists looking to free parking outside the fee paying city roads can and will park cars and other vehicles where there is no deterrent.
Many of the newly arrived families hail from far distant places where regulated parking is almost unknown: Where there is a free parking space, that will do – with no questions asked.
Alas again, it frequently turns out that a simple talking-to is insufficient and a negative conditioner is required.
Enter the hated wheel clamp in the famous City of Leicester of glorious repute and dazzling future.
The clamped motorist with a personal background from a long air ticket away is likely to tell his family and friends that parking on so-and-so’s grounds results in an official notification of a fine.
Will he/she park there again? Work it out for yourself.