Wheel Clamping in Liverpool

There is a fly in every ointment and the fly in the City of Liverpool is that owing to its very attractiveness vehicle clamping in Liverpool is a necessity of life.
Liverpool. The very name conjures up images of a glorious maritime history, world-beating musical heritage, two of the Football Premiership’s most famous teams and not one, but two majestically different cathedrals.
It is now bulging with fabulous new shops, buzzing new restaurants, hip hotels and trendy wine bars, as well as a world class cultural offering with more museums and galleries anywhere outside London. Not forgetting its inhabitants, of course, who are famously friendly and welcome you with pride.

Why clamp in Liverpool?
The city is a busy port with many people leaving and arriving by sea and desiring, in many instances, to park their vehicles for the nonce in places where they can be relocated easily after the voyage.
This presents the temptation to park wherever there is no penalty. Alas, the upshot of this is that the wary motorist, anxious to avoid parking charges by the City Council in these straitened times, decides to plonk his/her pride and joy on somebody’s private property, whether or not this be residential or  commercial.
Basic conditioning theory teaches that punishment and reward are the keys to changing behaviour. Although it is difficult to reward someone for parking correctly it is feasible and sometimes advisable to punish incorrect parking.
The good citizens of this Gateway to the North and their many visitors hate the car clamp. It deprives them of access to use of their means of locomotion and the fine money buys many cinema tickets.
Even on the edge of the North of England, the sight of one’s precious car or other vehicle clamped raises the ire, but that brings the realisation that to avoid the legitimate action of the clamping company one is wise to avoid angering the property owner.

Hence the clamp –even in the City of Liverpool.