Wheel Clamping in London

Wheel clamping in London can legitimately claim to be where it all began in the UK – to the extent that one of the most common designs of clamps is named after the British capital.

When the Road Traffic Regulations Act first decriminalised parking offences in 1991 and authorised the use of wheel clamps on highways, London was the first place to see the new laws take effect in 1993, and that clamp that they started using straight away has since come to be known as the London Wheel Clamp.

With millions of cars jostling for places on the crowded streets of Greater London, the obeying of parking regulations is paramount – and those who flout the rules can be guaranteed to feel the full effect of the consequences.

Nowhere more so do rogue parkers feel the effects of breaking parking regulations than in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The exclusive borough is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people due to the unparalleled quality of its real estate and space is of the highest premium.

As a result, Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council is, by far and away, the London local authority that wields its wheel clamps more than any other. In 2009/2010 people parking in the Royal borough found their cars clamped to the spot some 8,833 times, for a range of offences. This is more than ten times the number of clamping in the next most clamp-happy London local authority, Waltham Forest.

Wheel clamping in London, both private and local authority, is carried out to prevent inconvenience caused by one person from impeding thousands of others from making use and enjoying all the capital has to offer.

As home to such global icons as the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Place, it is crucial the millions of tourists from all corners of the world who visit the city every year have ease of passage among city’s streets. Beyond the tourists, however, the 12 million-strong population of the city, make it the largest urban centre in Europe and one of the world’s top industrial hubs, simply need their streets free of rogue parkers.

Our clamping units provide an ideal parking enforcement solution for private business owners keen to protect customer spaces from illegal parkers. Each unit has a Home Office-approved CCTV system that also records audio, while all of our clamping operatives have a valid Vehicle Immobiliser SIA licence. Our clamping units – which always take a digital photograph of all clamped vehicles to help prevent disputes – can either make regular patrols of your site or operate on a call-out only basis.