Wheel Clamping in Wales

At first the subject of wheel clamping in Wales might strike some or many of our readers as not particularly acute.
Populated at little more than three millions over a wide region and largely mountainous, Wales seems like an unlikely source of work for anybody contemplating wheel clamping in Wales.
At present the entire region is undergoing a terrible and tragic economic depression owing to the large-scale closure of the coal mines and the non-appearance of alternative industries to take their place.

Unfortunately, memories of the Miners’ Strike of 1984 and the then militancy of the unionised workforces of Wales acting in sympathy with the miners act as a warning sign to would-be employers looking for a safe and quiet location to set up industries.
Do consider however:

  1. The thin population spread and long distances involved in travelling from place to place in the region necessitate the usage of private transportation as opposed to public transportation
  2. The economic woes of the Welshman encourage cutting corners with regard to parking charges
  3. The sometimes amusingly informal approach of local law enforcement makes for a lax atmosphere where the motorist thinks and feels that, well, he can and should be able to park anywhere with a vacant space for his car, or whatever.

Not everyone in Wales is happy about just anyone helping himself to his private grounds to park, despite the relatively free and easy culture thereabouts.
The jealous property owner in Wales who really desires to signal his displeasure about third party parking on his drive, or whatever, will find that a verbal admonition is often treated as: ‘Old Farmer Jones let off steam about my car parked on his place; it will blow over and he will get used to it’ matter.
If the property owner is really truly serious about stopping people making free with his land he has to use negative conditioning.
The dreaded clamp communicates to persons interested that while the ‘park and let park’ general approach is the unofficial law of the land elsewhere in the region he does not tolerate it. The unwelcome wheel clamp gives physical reality to his serious intention to keep his property to himself – only.
The nosey parker finds that wheel clamping in Wales is the firm way of saying that certain places are not for strangers to make parking use of.