Wheel Clamping in York

The City of York is an ancient foundation and at first sight does not give the impression of being greatly in need of the car wheel clamping industry.

This is an ancient city and a real regional hub for North Yorkshire. Its situation on the banks of the River Ouse and its central location in the Vale of York caused it to be a central place of administration and military command in days gone by.

York was and is a religious centre for the North and has one of the country’s two archbishops of the Church of England.

As was the case of so many other locations throughout the North of England, York was adjacent to manufacturing industries and relied heavily on its railway establishments. Some of the manufacturing was for rolling stock.

Nowadays, York is closely associated with the confectionery making industry. Nearly everyone who lives in the United Kingdom is familiar with the much advertised Yorkie chocolate bar. Both Nestle and Rowntrees have powerful presences in the city. The former is thought to be one of the world’s largest food manufacturing companies.

The local government is now the largest single employer while the tourist industry and transport links to nearby local airports such as Manchester Airport and railway connections make it a much visited place. Car wheel clamping is therefore of relevance.

Because of the large number of short term visitors, many of whom travel by car, there can be and is the desire of some drivers to circumvent local government parking charges in public spaces by any means without legal comebacks. Car wheel clamping is the answer of choice at this time.

For these reasons traffic control is important in York and the services of the car wheel clamping operative are wanted.

After car wheel clamping is removed from the legally permissible range of traffic control, companies such as Flashpark that deter unauthorised parking on private land will be in demand.