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Parking Control Kit

Consists of:
  • 5 x Warning signs
  • 1 x Set up guide
  • 20 x Parking Charge Notices (PCN)
  • 20 x Plastic waterproof PCN wallets
  • 1 x Adhesive warning labels (for repeat offenders)
  • Email customer support

Only £120 (inc VAT and p&p)

This parking control kit is designed to control parking problems at shopping centres/retail parks/colleges and large organisations where there are over 100 parking spaces allocated for public parking.

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Wheel clamping services have proven the most effective tool in providing a parking control solution for private landlords. But there is an alternative car park management solution which is equally effective and involves self issue of parking charge notices. We supply all the material to the client i.e. the warning signs, parking tickets and collect payment from the motorist once the parking ticket has been issued by your selves. The ticket can be written out manually or can be submitted on line using our Flash park system. Unlike many organizations our company has direct access to the Drivers Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA)in order to obtain registered keeper details.

Today more landowners are using parking charge notices as an alternative to wheel clamping. For further information click on “FLASHPARK - alternative wheel clamping solutions ” above and solve your illegal parking problems now. As part of our car park management solution we can also provide clients with parking permits that can be issued to vehicles authorised to park on their land. They then instruct us to patrol their land or call us out to clamp vehicles that do not display a valid parking permit.

parking protection

Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd is a well established parking private enforcement business, it provides our customers with an effective way of deterring unauthorized parking. Our objective is to solve many of the different types of parking problems that occur every day with little outlay and confrontation. Our access to the dvla register enables any registered customer to issue instant Parking Charge Notices to an unauthorized parked vehicle, we issue the tickets on your behalf and deal with all the appeals. We will only cancel a ticket if we have your authorization this can be done simply by logging on to our control panel.

Our company supplies a wide range of parking equipment/thermoplastic line markings and other parking control equipment along with parking permits for identification of offenders all available from our online store at we are a leading supplier in the UK of private parking enforcement. Our company offers a diverse range of parking solutions to suit the varying problems that are encountered on a day to day basis by landowners and businesses. If you experience any type of parking problems we offer several easy ways to solve the abuse. Our warning notices act as a great deterrent and on most occasions deal with most problems that occur. Our expertise in the industry has given us a wide portfolio of clients who today benefit from professional parking protection which is accredited by our BPA membership.

Wheel clamping

We provide warning signs and fully trained clampers to fit the wheel clamps and remove them once the offender has paid the release fee. We offer two types of service 1) Call out only or 2) Random Patrol the first method give you more control and is based on you been near the site so that offenders can be reported as and when they are seen. The second method is for customers that are remote to the site and don't want to have any involvement in the reporting of an offender. This method requires you to distribute parking permits so that we can identify authorized vehicles. If you are considering wheel clamping as a solution to your parking problems we recommend you ensure that wheel clamping operatives are fully trained and have the correct license as is required by law they must also be fully insured. As a member of the BPA approved operator scheme we adhere to a code of practice for any private parking enforcement.

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